Dear Aditi…

July 24, 2008 at 9:37 am Leave a comment

Dear Aditi,

As I write this post, every girl who shares her name with you is gleaming in joy every time this song is played on the air. How I wish you were with me every time I break into a song out of tune, How I wish I could talk to a portrait and how I wish I had such a spunky gang of friends. Teen movies flunk at the box office with the same ease that it takes to make them. All you need is a bunch of bright and bubbly kids, some cool clothes, a good dance number and corny/witty one-liners. So tell me Aditi, why do they all fail except for this time? I’ll answer it myself, this time there were no stern and opposing parents, lecturers weren’t ridiculed, no college bullies or ladki-ko-chedo sequences. Just simple everyday sequences with a generous helping cinematic liberty thrown into the mixture.

Aditi, I want to see more of such cinema. Would love to pay for movies that are fresh, original and don’t take themselves seriously! The real life couple of Naseruddin and Ratna Pathak Shah were just awesome! You know what Aditi, I feel bad for Arbaaz and Sohail for they beat the Deols for the most untalented siblings award! However this time they’ve played the best roles of their careers and if Mr.Singh-is-King took the honors last year then this year the best cameo award goes to the khan brothers. It’s movies like these I wouldn’t mind paying for and would rather feel guilty for downloading. We need more like this, clean entertainers that leave you with a nice fuzzy feeling as you walk out of the cinema hall. Aditi, I wished I had someone like you with me in the theater for the climax was the most cliched after what Jim Carrey did in Liar Liar. For a long time time now every guy will sing this out of tune to woo his girl, and I’m not gonna hold back as well. So here goes…




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