Schizophrenic Celebrities

June 14, 2007 at 11:26 am 2 comments

I’m sure you’ve watched the news this week (or even last week). That’s all I can do, since those are the ONLY channels I subscribe to. But the past two weeks have been pretty hard for us news-watchers. Paris Hilton is the biggest celebrity on the news these days, on the international bulletins of all Indian news channels, and, surprisingly, even on BBC! For what you ask? Well. She was arrested. For drunken driving, or whatever the offence is. Till last night, I could even quote the exact section under which she was charged. Then ofcourse, there were discussions on whether it was “fair” or not. Hell. She’s just another person. She’s not someone GREAT. If we were having this discussion about someone who’d actually achieved something (Bill Gates/Sergey Brin/Steve Jobs top my list) I wouldn’t mind watching the news.. but HER? Someone’s whose sole claim to fame is a disgusting home “video” and a fancy surname? I think not. But I just came across this interesting question on Ask Yahoo!. I’m sure you’re gonna be wanting to ask the same thing.

Dear Yahoo!,

Did Paris Hilton finish High School?

Louisville, Kentucky

Paris Hilton is known as many things. “Scholar” isn’t one of them. Still, while nobody would confuse the heiress with a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, she did manage to graduate high school — in a way.

According to several sources, Hilton attended The Dwight School in New York City, but didn’t stick around long enough to wear a cap and gown. However, Ms. Hilton later earned her general equivalency diploma (GED) after some homeschooling. Passing the test certifies the taker has academic skills on par with a typical high-school graduate. Connect the dots and you’ll realize that, according to our educational system, Paris possesses the intelligence of an average American high-school graduate. Whether that’s merely terrifying or a sign of the coming apocalypse, we leave to you.

But maybe we’re being too hard on the starlet. After all, by nearly anyone’s definition, Paris is a successful person. Granted, she’s currently in jail and has been publicly humiliated more times than we can count, but she’s a genius at marketing herself and continually places among Yahoo!’s most popular searches. Maybe she ought to teach a course.

That’s saying something isn’t it?


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  June 14, 2007 at 11:37 am

    give her a break will ya !!

    its PARIS HILTON !

    besides the home video
    was A awesome !!!
    havnt u seen it?!

  • 2. Atul  |  July 27, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    @Anon: LOL I haven’t seen the home video, but this post was out of frustration, since she was all over every news channel!


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