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So you want to be an engineer..

So you’re done with 12th grade, and school in general. And now, you’re at the threshold. Neither here, nor there. You’re not a school kid anymore. So you have to make your choices for yourself. Not your teachers. Not your parents. YOU.

It’s a bit hard to comprehend all the choices out there. I mean, after all, the world is a pretty big place right? With over a billion people in our nation alone, and each one following a different career path, how do you know which one’s the best for you?
There are a few ways to decide, I’ve discovered. One – you listen to your parents/teachers and do what they think is best. But that’s not very interesting, and definitely not highly recommended. What if they want you to become a doctor, and you can’t even stand the sight of blood??! The other way, is to choose for yourself what you want to do, and what you want to become. It IS rather hard, but I believe we’ve seen and done enough to figure out exactly what we’re good at!

As a kid, I’d fallen in love with computers, and today, computer science is the subject that I’m best at in school. So for me, the choice was pretty much straight-forward. Computer Science and Engineering. But then there was this big question I had.. what exactly is “Engineering”? So I did some research..
“Engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural resources to the benefit of man.”
– Ralph J. Smith , Stanford University

The quote above sums it all. Engineering is about the innovative and creative application of mathematical and scientific principles to the creation of products, technology and services for the good of mankind.
Engineering touches almost every aspect of our lives and is at the heart of contemporary life. The dramatic changes of the last century, and even the last decade, are the direct result of engineering.

Engineers are not only at the forefront of making new scientific and technological discoveries, but also actively involved in turning that knowledge into something practical and valued. Everything that is made results from the expertise of engineers; from expressways to the information superhighway, from video phones to digital television, from automobiles to spacecraft and the list goes on and on.

Engineers make a significant contribution to creating wealth in a country. Many successful economies have a high number of engineers. Engineering offers more career options than any other discipline. Engineers are able to pursue a wide spectrum of careers in both the private sector and in government, and in fields as diverse as financial services, logistics, and the biomedical sciences. Engineers may be designers, planners, managers, analysts, researchers, consultants, sales specialists, and much more. Engineering is a distinguished profession and engineers have helped to transform our world with many technological innovations.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve learnt about Engineering. And thus far, it seems to be pretty interesting.. VERY interesting as a matter of fact! Now, I only need to find out more about Computer Science!


June 15, 2007 at 9:46 pm 4 comments

Schizophrenic Celebrities

I’m sure you’ve watched the news this week (or even last week). That’s all I can do, since those are the ONLY channels I subscribe to. But the past two weeks have been pretty hard for us news-watchers. Paris Hilton is the biggest celebrity on the news these days, on the international bulletins of all Indian news channels, and, surprisingly, even on BBC! For what you ask? Well. She was arrested. For drunken driving, or whatever the offence is. Till last night, I could even quote the exact section under which she was charged. Then ofcourse, there were discussions on whether it was “fair” or not. Hell. She’s just another person. She’s not someone GREAT. If we were having this discussion about someone who’d actually achieved something (Bill Gates/Sergey Brin/Steve Jobs top my list) I wouldn’t mind watching the news.. but HER? Someone’s whose sole claim to fame is a disgusting home “video” and a fancy surname? I think not. But I just came across this interesting question on Ask Yahoo!. I’m sure you’re gonna be wanting to ask the same thing.

Dear Yahoo!,

Did Paris Hilton finish High School?

Louisville, Kentucky

Paris Hilton is known as many things. “Scholar” isn’t one of them. Still, while nobody would confuse the heiress with a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, she did manage to graduate high school — in a way.

According to several sources, Hilton attended The Dwight School in New York City, but didn’t stick around long enough to wear a cap and gown. However, Ms. Hilton later earned her general equivalency diploma (GED) after some homeschooling. Passing the test certifies the taker has academic skills on par with a typical high-school graduate. Connect the dots and you’ll realize that, according to our educational system, Paris possesses the intelligence of an average American high-school graduate. Whether that’s merely terrifying or a sign of the coming apocalypse, we leave to you.

But maybe we’re being too hard on the starlet. After all, by nearly anyone’s definition, Paris is a successful person. Granted, she’s currently in jail and has been publicly humiliated more times than we can count, but she’s a genius at marketing herself and continually places among Yahoo!’s most popular searches. Maybe she ought to teach a course.

That’s saying something isn’t it?

June 14, 2007 at 11:26 am 2 comments

First Love …

To someone who did all this to me, and much more..

I ne’er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet.
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.

My face turned pale, a deadly pale.
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked what could I ail
My life and all seemed turned to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face
And took my eyesight quite away.
The trees and bushes round the place
Seemed midnight at noonday.

I could not see a single thing,
Words from my eyes did start.
They spoke as chords do from the string,
And blood burnt round my heart.

Are flowers the winter’s choice
Is love’s bed always snow
She seemed to hear my silent voice
Not love appeals to know.

I’ve never seen such sweet a face
As that I stood before
My heart has left its dwelling place
And can return no more.

Thanks, Arun !

June 12, 2007 at 8:40 am 3 comments

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