Creative Advertising, Indian Style ! (part 1)

February 3, 2007 at 3:45 pm Leave a comment

Indian advertising has come a LONG way, and I mean a LOO-OOONG way. I still remember the times when ads simply had a person stating why you should buy his product (apart from the fact that his product was the ONLY one of its kind availaible, because the choice was that bad), to ads with house-wives lecturing crowds in parking lots (Meswak Toothpaste), to pesky irritatingly sweet kids selling toothpaste/detergent/**add any product here**. But now, there are a HOST of interesting ads on Indian television. Creative and thought-provoking, they’re tounge-in-cheek as well, but they get the message across better than anything else I’ve ever seen!

In fact, now ads have good music, brilliant screen-play and most importantly, an amazing storyline as well!

Here’s a collection of memorable ads, starting with some of the oldest ones..

Amul – The Taste Of India

Hamara Bajaj


Hyundai Accent

These are some of the older ones.. you can almost feel the way they’re evolving..

Watch out for part 2, with some of the best ads currently on tv!


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PLAY B3YOND™ ! Creative Advertising, Indian Style ! (part 2)

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