If at first …

October 14, 2006 at 12:25 am 1 comment

Some time back , during the holidays , when I was in Pune , I had a mission …to see what it was like to get on to a running bus.(I have had suicidal tendencies for a long time). Lame?…well yes but nonetheless I had to feel the adrenaline pump(see the sorta petty rushes this heat has got me down to…shew).

So I was standing at the swanky new bus stops they’ve made ,waiting for a suitable …um…subject and there she came in all her smoky ,hazy(blame it on the heat),red rust corroded glory;Truly a behemoth and it was then that the monumental and slightly psychotic nature of my plan struck me.So I waited for ‘ol betsy to start off and then ran like the wind ( hindi movie hero style… ) and in one moment of blankness jumped into the void and voila and I was onboard and then I had this nagging little feeling that I was losing balance,toppling over ever so slowly,this absurd thing called gravity you know can be a real pain when it wants.(if only newton had slept under a coconut tree….).

It took me a couple of seconds to get back on my feet after that fall (the bigger they are …) but in those moments I had some fleeting thoughts of things unsaid and deeds undone.After sushing up my friend (who had tagged along to keep me company , thanks man ) with certain pleas I thought I was incapable of, I realised I needed some work on my ankle. Being superman you cant let all that show(boys donnntt cry…atleast we try not to).

I have fallen off a moving bus and have lived to tell the tale.I am truly honoured.Probably this has something to do with the bus number being 13.Oh and btw…If you know my parents you have not read any of the above.Kids please dont try this at home.

STAUATORY WARNING:Jumping into moving buses(or trying to and not nailing it) is injurious to health.

What does this have to do with the title “If at first…”??? Probably that if at first you dont succeed skydiving ,is NOT for you. Keep smiling and remember Boredom is contagious !

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If at first … Life In Chinmaya Vidyalaya – Part I – The very beginning …

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  • 1. iamvisheshur  |  October 13, 2006 at 12:28 pm

    ha ah a ha..
    ‘atul superman gupte’??
    after muscle man next this…
    anyway as for the warning dont try at home..
    we cant,we need a bus to try..
    though im not mad enough to try all this….
    glad u lived…to tell the tale though..
    i think the scene would have been funny…..


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