EXAMS ! Imperative or Out-dated ??

October 2, 2006 at 8:48 pm 3 comments

In our constantly changing world, it is imperative that we reconsider some of the norms of society. Day in and day out we live by mundane and constant schedules which rarely change. Perhaps it is about time that we realize that understand the true significance of our lives.

With all due respect , teachers , school is not the best way to spend ones life. An alternative for education must be found soon. What is the point in improving our lives technologically while the spiritual and emotional aspects of our being. To prove the point of how we spend inordinate and even unproportional time in the classroom, let us do some calculations:

An average school day is roughly seven hours. Five days a week makes for 35 hours in school. What with about 20 weeks gone into holidays (including weekends), we spend 35 multiplied by (52-20) OR in other words, 1,120 hours of our LIFE spent in this enclosure. (If you would like to calculate how many seconds we spend in a classroom, proceed to multiply 1120 by 3600).

Ladies and gentlemen, this is like a thorn in the side of ones mind. A constantly nagging pain that will never allow the body to rest, knowing that it can relax. Unfotunately, a corruption in society has allowed teachers to believe that their sole purpose is to make students suffer…suffer the pain of work….everpresent projects, tests, homework, tests, and please, let us not forget TESTS. In case you did not hear me, let me reiterate….TESTS. Clearly, our education system needs to be revamped. Do you truly believe in our political system and IF you do agree with me that our politics are infiltrated by corrupt creatures, then why is it that we perpetuate the mistakes they make, aka , school?
I hope this is sincerely given thought. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if students were allowed to relax at home, study at will, and therefore carve their own future for themselves? Thus we would also be weeding out competition but that is for another article. But seriously, with students truly deciding their own fate, some will succeed and some won’t. For those with the will power, they will thrive and plow ahead.
Those left behind…well, they deserve it.
just so you know , this was written in opposition to the recently imposed schedule of cycle tests..

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Love – A Mystical Science … EXAMS ! Imperative or Out-dated ??

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  • 1. iamvisheshur  |  October 2, 2006 at 9:52 am

    is this say after ur try to “—-“??
    ok anyway as i had already told our system is a “muggers paradise”..
    we cant do anything … 4 the society has a commandment that “students r not to be listened upon”
    its pretty bugging..real talent gets left in the system…
    lets take an eg if u flunk in comp it doesnt mean ur bad in it..
    u can b gud..but ppl look down on u..
    n yes teachers take it that
    “troubling students is my birth rite and i shall have it”
    though there r a few exceptitions..
    as 4 d alternative sys we need sum1 with understanding the changes n needs sitting at the center not 70yr olds..
    sum 1 who know evrything…
    think the only person who can help us now is r prisedent..
    he knows what the students need..

  • 2. sitara  |  October 2, 2006 at 2:31 pm

    atul!!! its a blog child. atleast pretend ur havin fun writing here!!! love the title though.

  • 3. Barath  |  October 2, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    well, kinda agree, kinda disagree with ya..
    itz not the skul thtz deterin our enhancement.. itz the way stuff is done in skul..
    itz one place.. wher students do learn the emotions and moral stuff n all.. nd i dont mean the stuff taught

    correct me if im wrong… but skuls one place wher u get to make frnds.. and interact with our peers.. nd in turn learn together how to live life as it shld be… (we culdnt possibly do tht at home alone)

    skul gives us exposure, n opportunitiez as well to develop our personal talents… (on tht point.. id hav to say tht skuls in India rarely focus on individual talents… but i meant generally skuls r supposed to be tht way)

    mayb the xams are quite a bit outdated… dey jus need to improve sum of da methods to make it more intresting..

    and also… the cycle tests r only meant to prepare us for the board exams and nothin elze.. it proves the fact the teachers arent teaching as such.. jus promoting self study… which of course…like u said .. v can do at home…

    apart frm studiez… skul definitly is a home away frm home

    (pardon for the excessively long comment…)


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