Independence Day revisited

September 22, 2006 at 12:30 pm 1 comment

India our motherland is one of the world’s oldest and richestcivilizations.For much of it’s history , India was not one nation butwas split into several small states ruled by warring kings andprinces.Powerful empires rose and fell , uniting these small statesfor varying lengths of time.The last of these was the British Empirein India which came to an end on 15 August 1947 with the creation ofthe independent Republic of India.From a history of wars andconquests,culturat achievements and a diversity of peoples and creedshas emerged a great nation.

India , or Bharat as it was called , has always been a land endowedwith vast riches and treasures in the form of flora,fauna and muchelse.Throughout history,foreign rulers from far-away places like Greece,Rome,Arabia and Europe had set their sights on India’s vastriches and wanted to claim this golden land of ours for themselves.Making true what Julius Caesar had once said ” I came,I saw and Iconquered ” – This bore good for the Dutch,Portuguese,French andEnglish traders who came to India to establish business but soonsettled here on seeing the incredible riches and treasures. They tookadvantage of the disunity among rulers and pitted them against eachother. The last of them , the British , had come to stay.

Over the next 100 years , the British Empire gained control of almostthe whole country.They plundered every class of the Indian people andtaxed the peasants heavily.they forced the peasants to sell theirproduce to the Britishers themselves and paid thm paltry sums. Thus ,the British Merchants became the rulers of the Indian people.But all this was set to change.In the summer of 1915 , an Indian ,after hearing about the atrocities comitted by the British againstIndians returned home to his motherland.He was destined to be a greatleader of the India people.He was to teach them to fight for freedomin a way which was different from all such fights anywhere or at anytime in the past.This leader was to become the father of our country -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Gandhi was a wise man with noble principles and values.Among muchelse,he strongly believed that violence solved no problem.He told theIndians that opression should be resisted.He also taught them that alaw,if unjust,should be broken , but one should never try to escapepunishment.Millions of Indians joined Gandhi in his Satyagraha againstthe British and many of them like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad andJawaharlal Nehru went on to become great leaders in their own right.For the next 30 years , Gandhiji patiently set about teaching Indianshis great way of fighting without hating and winning without causingothers to suffer.Gandhiji started his Satyagraha by breaking theunjust Salt Law imposed by the British.He then headed the SwadeshiMovement which urged Indians to buy Indian goods only.Millions ofIndians set up public bonfires where foreign goods were burnt.Thebritish refused to give in and jailed millions of hissupporters.Gandhiji and his supporters too were unfazed and startedthe Non-Coopereation Movement.They defied every law imposed by theBritish with great vigour.Finally the British realised that theycould’nt continue to rule India by force any more.Gandhiji had madethem realize just how unjust they had been.The British Empire in India came to an end on 15 August 1947 when the British declared India afree country.

The midnight of 15 August 1947 was filled with the joyous cries ofVANDE MATARAM and JAI HIND as the people raised the new tricolor ofindependent India and screamed out to the world that they were proudto be Indians !!

15 August 2006 – exactly 61 years have passed since the night theIndian tricolor was first hoisted – and India has definetely come along way since then.Today,apart from being the world’s largestdemocracy,India can also claim to have one of the world’s mostwell-connected road,rail and postal network that links almost everyvillage , city and town ; and a rich cultural heritage second tonone.India has also taken a giant step forwad in the technological andindustrial sectors.Industrial majors like TATA and Reliance and multinationals in the IT sector like TCS,Wipro and Infosys are proof enough of this.Today , India is an emerging destination for IT and every move made by India is closely watched in every country inthe world !

India’s freedom struggle is an exhibition of the courage,valour and unwavering unity which binds all Indians together. It was a struggle in which an unarmed people fought against and defeated an empire which had the most sophisticated weapon systems of that time , without firing a single bullet . The Indians won because they knew that they were not wrong and believed that injustice should not go unopposed , come what may. It has shown other nations the power of unity and has given us Indians just another reason to be proud of this mighty land that we call home.


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How we came to be … T’day 2006 …

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  • 1. Barath  |  September 22, 2006 at 7:50 pm

    Toast to our Motherland!!


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